Friday, August 16, 2013

Fair Fun!

Rich and I skipped Tuesday and then went to the fair on Wednesday just to stand around and talk to passers by. We had such a good time talking to fair goers talking about our girls. Rich spent his time talking mostly to adults and left the little kids to me. The young children are fascinated with the strange, cuddly looking alpacas. Many of the kids were curious enough to offer sweet feed treats to Mango and Leezza from their hands and got all giggly when the girls breath and lips touched their hands. Some were just content with putting their nose to the fence for a closer look, like this cute little boy. Mango stared curiously back!

Most of the time Leezza and Mango lay contentedly in the sod covering the floor of the barn and chewed their cud.

I was so lucky to see many of my students from the past couple of years and some of my former colleagues. It's always satisfying for me to see how the "big kids" that I taught have grown and matured. So many of my students are 4-H'ers and were showing animals or other projects at the fair. One thing I like about the members of 4-H clubs is that they are always up for a challenge. Each year as they choose to work on new and different projects they learn skills that we cannot teach them in school. They also learn patience, persistence, focus and other qualities that will help them navigate through life.

Yesterday, after returning from an all day excursion to Amish country with my girlfriends I sat on the deck watching baby Asteri, Took, Firenze and Nikko as they grazed and played in the pasture. It was an idyllic end to a very pleasant day with the WINOS. (Women In Need Of Spirits)

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  1. Linda; Had I known you were exhibiting the Alpacas at the fair I would have gone.