Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Yarns and Spring Time!

Since my last post on May 1, the rest of the month just flew by and blogging got lost in the craziness. Brutus and Asterius left us to go live in a new home and from what I've seen on Face Book, they are adjusting very well to their new pasture. We still miss them because they were always so entertaining as only young alpacas can be. But now they are neck wrestling and chest butting and entertaining their new family. I feel confident that we sold them to the right person.

Earlier this month I was so privileged to be able to visit my daughter and grandkids in Columbus, (their dad was out of town) on the weekend that Olivia went to her first prom. Watching her get her hair and make-up done as she prepped for her date was so reminiscent of the days when her mom, Amy, and her Aunt Susie went to dances. As a proud grandma and admittedly biased, I've got to say that Olivia was absolutely beautiful. You be the judge...

After that event it seemed that we were spending so much time working on getting the lawn and garden in shape in between cold and/or windy days. It looks pretty good right now. Then later in the month we attended my grandson, Max's, confirmation party. Again, biased, but he is as handsome as his sister is beautiful. When did that cranky little boy turn into such a genial, sociable teenager? He's the one in the middle between us and his Colorado grandparents.

This past weekend I received my 2015 yarns from Morning Star Fiber Mill where I have had the fleeces processed the past two years. They are absolutely beautiful! This year I had everything processed into either worsted weight or rug yarns. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon working out in my shop/weaving studio pricing the yarn and re-working the yarn display.

I had the mill combine the fleece from the white animals: Took, Mango and Nikko, and then divide it and combine with some pre-dyed merino for some lovely colors. Half was combined with rose quartz and garnet merino to make our Heathered Mulberry worsted yarn. The other half was combined with turquoise and emerald merino to make our Heathered Sea Spray. Both are lovely.

 Brutus and Leezza, our dark brown animals, were combined and a touch of the turquoise merino was added to make what I have called Baltic Brown/Blue. It is perhaps my favorite and I knitted up a swatch the day I received the yarn. It is a lovely deep brown with unexpected flecks of turquoise. It reminded me of the moody hues of an angry, winter ocean.

The fourth worsted yarn is a super soft 100% baby alpaca Heathered Gray. I had baby Mocha's fleece combined with Asterius (he was sheared before he left our farm) for an exceptionally soft  yarn that will be suitable for baby clothing or anything worn next to the skin. It's a lovely dark heather gray color and I want to knit something with this one. Who am I kidding? I want to knit something with every one of my yarns. Rich is constantly reminding me that the purpose of having these yarns made is to SELL them and not to try to see if I can knit them all myself. They are all for sale in our actual store out here on the farm and in our Etsy store.

Our rug yarn this year is a combination of all of our animals and is variegated black-to-brown-to-white, and should work up into lovely woven throw rugs. There are only four 150 yard bumps so they should sell out fast like last year's rug yarn.

Spring finally seems to be here to stay and the animals are all enjoying the sunshine and new grass in the pasture. I often look out there to see them stretched out on their sides basking in the sun. I remember the first time I saw Took do that and how still she was. I was afraid that she had died! I went rushing out to check her and she slowly lifted just her head and looked at me over her shoulder. She seemed almost resentful that I had disturbed her sleep!

Little Mocha is growing like a weed and has finally learned to take the apple flavored treats from Rich's hand. They are shaped like an apple slice, are solid like a dog biscuit and a bit large for his little mouth. We break them in half so they fit in his mouth. Now that he has acquired a taste for them he often pushes to the head of the line to get his treat first!

Today the doors and windows are open and I can hear the birds singing outside. Now that I have finished with all of the busy work of managing the herd and the Etsy store I think that I will go out to the store this afternoon and weave some rugs or maybe just sit on the porch and read a good book. Don't 'cha just love springtime?