Tuesday, July 4, 2017

There Are Machines, and Then There Are MACHINES

Machines. From the wheel, to the axle to the cog. The early invention of machines and the evolution and development of more sophisticated machines has both made our lives easier and more complicated.

The second row of pipes have been set on the timbers awaiting the welding and burying process for about a week now. Yesterday there was a very large machine digging on the pipeline site in our back field. This indicates to me that the final step in the pipeline building process is imminent and that the natural gas will be flowing under high pressure very soon. Not sure how all of this will impact life here on the farm when the construction equipment and workers are gone.

A couple of weeks ago I received a much smaller machine that has brought so much fun into my own life and sparked my creative juices. I ordered this little piece of German precision engineering to try my hand at making hats  from our alpaca yarns to sell in our store.

I have been using up project leftovers from my stash basket as practice and the results have been pretty good. The hat knitting machine is also capable of knitting flat panels, something I am also going to experiment with. I'm enjoying this little  machine so much that I may just order the smaller, baby, version just to see what I can do with it!

I have also been experimenting with some different dyeing techniques lately and have gotten such good results that I have plans to do some more yarns. I made a bold, multi-colored blue, green, yellow yarn that has garnered some very positive comments.

My favorite technique is the confetti yarn, produced using eco-friendly dyes, Glad Wrap, plastic forks and the electric turkey roaster. I have two skeins for sale in the store and I am planning on making two more in a different colorway for myself. This yarn is calling to me and is saying, "Linda, you need to knit something with me!"

Right now, my husband is calling to me so I'll need to discuss dyeing techniques another day. Rich has a couple of the alpaca boys harnessed up and is ready to walk them around the lawn on this lovely, sunny, July 4th morning. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!