Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nikko Arrives!

Our big girls, Firenze and Took, came home this evening. What a relief to have them back home. Mango and Leezza welcomed them and all four hit the hay bin right away. It was good to see them hanging out together again.

Firenze assumed her place as queen of the herd, heading straight for the first feed bin and pushing the others out of her way! Mango sniffed at her momma, Took, who gently pushed the young lady away from her swollen milk bag. Even though she is fully weaned, Mango still has the memory. It's clear that once the new cria is born Mango will have to be kept in a separate pasture from Took and the baby.

Before he left, I asked Joseph about the little premature cria that was struggling to live the other day. Sadly, she died in the night. We will need to keep a close eye on our two mamas as they near their due date. We want them to be delivered of two healthy crias.

Our newest addition to the herd arrived in the same van (yes, a regular sized van with seats removed) with the mamas. Nikko is an adorable white, year-old, male. He is very curious and will come right up to us, pressing his nose against ours. This is one of the qualities that first attracted us to this handsome little guy along with his gentle nature. He has a round little head with the cutest white puff on top. We are looking forward to getting to know him better.

Mango seems to like Nikko a lot. It's necessary to keep him in a separate pasture since he is approaching maturity. He's not really happy about it because he has been used to being in a pasture with several adult males. Of all the girls, Mango is the one who keeps going to the fence to check him out. She even chose to graze near him instead of eating with the other females. It's good that she likes him since one of these days he will be her "boyfriend."

Mango and Nikko
Nikko and Mango (on the barn side)

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