Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Most of the time end-of-the-year reflections are profound reviews of the past year. If that's what you're expecting from me you'll be sadly disappointed because all that's on my mind today is how bitterly cold it is outside; and just when I get engrossed in knitting the scarlet and gray mittens that I started on Christmas Eve the wind spews forth a huge gust of wind that rattles the west windows as a reminder of why I am so thankful for our cozy country cottage home and a husband who shovels snow!

Feeling the need for a hot cup of tea, I went to the kitchen to set the kettle on the stove and while I was waiting for the whistle I gazed out of the window over the sink. Mini tornadoes of snow (snownados?) whirled across the stubble of the snow covered field to the west. The mail lady's car was disappearing down the road and I shivered at the thought of bringing in the mail.

I peeked out the back door to see if the fleecy kids were outside enjoying the brief moments of sun as they often do; but they were nowhere to be seen having decided to stay inside their cozy barn. Even Nikko, who usually stays in the corner of his pasture nearest the barn, was inside his straw-lined condo. Nosy guy that he is, he came outside at the sound of the storm door opening to see if sweet feed was in his near future. When he realized that I was staying inside and  only peeping out through a narrow opening, he promptly turned and went back inside.

I lifted the whistling kettle off the burner, filled my mug and dropped in a tea bag of Rooibos. Sighing I decided to venture out and get the mail. Bundling up like Ralphie's little brother, Randy, in A Christmas Story, I stepped out with my trusty lab, Callie, at my side. She is always ready for a romp in the snow before returning to her nap in the warm house. Leaning into the wind I pulled my scarf over my nose and trudged out to the mailbox. The thought crossed my mind that if I, like Randy, should happen to slip and fall in the snow, I would have to lay there on my back like a overturned turtle until Rich came home hours later to help me up. By then I would be a frozen ball of mummified clothing! I made it safely back to the house, unbundled myself, and settled down to read the mail with my "cuppa."

Although it's New Year's Eve, the traditional "party night,"  Rich and I will be going out together someplace nice for a lovely romantic dinner. There is a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge that we will share at home after dinner with some gourmet hors d'oeuvres and imported cheeses to finish off the evening and ring in the new year. When we toast my wish for us and everyone else will be for a prosperous, healthy and peaceful new year. Happy New Year everyone!

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