Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do They Talk?

The charming old legend says that at midnight on Christmas Eve the animals in the barn can talk. I would love to stay up and eavesdrop on the herd in our barn tonight. However, since the temperature outside hasn't reached the twenty degree mark all day I cannot see me bundling up and hustling myself out there to find out. Rich and I just came inside from their final feeding. We refreshed the hay supply and spread fresh straw in the corner of the barn where they tend to sleep on a cold winter's night. I would hope our little stud, Nikko, would sleep in his snug little shed where he has a fresh bed of straw; but more often than not he sleeps in the corner of his pasture by the gate where he can see into the barn where the girls and babies rest. Fortunately he has a wonderfully lush fleece coat to keep him warm.

Rich and I will be heading to his parents home tomorrow afternoon for Christmas dinner with them; but tonight we are planning on sipping some Christmas cheer while we watch A Christmas Story on television. Then we will head off to bed and hope the proverbial "sugar plums" will be dancing in our heads as we anticipate Santa's bounty in the morning.

The highlight of my Christmas will come later in the week when we celebrate with our daughter, son-in-law and grand kids. Even though they are now teenagers, Olivia and Max, still get excited over "Santa's" visit and it's fun to watch them open their gifts. I must admit I still get excited to see what they have picked out for us!

Rich and I are so lucky to be blessed with children who like to spend time with us. My Christmas wish is that everyone could enjoy love, good health, prosperity and peace in the coming year.

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