Sunday, April 14, 2013

Computer problems and April weather

It's been a few weeks since my last post and I do apologize to anyone who actually checks in on a regular basis. My laptop started acting weirdly and I tried every fix that I knew of, which admittedly isn't exactly high tech. Then I called a good friend in Florida and asked him what to do. Following his directions I didn't get any results. After this I took the stupid laptop in to school and asked our computer teacher to check it out. He found that it worked just fine after removing and reinserting the battery. I brought it home and...the problems were back! Luckily my old friend, John, from Florida was up here this week and he stopped out and made a few adjustments and today this darn thing is working fine as long as I keep it plugged in. From this, I deduced that the message that popped up last month about the battery being at the end of its life might be the real problem so I ordered a new battery. We'll see what happens when the battery arrives.

Weekly practice walking on the lead. 

We have been practicing walking the girls each weekend. Once we get them harnessed up, Mango and Leezza really enjoy walking around the yard. Leezza is such a diva and really loves posing for pictures. Mango never balks at walking on the lead and trots happily along where ever we lead her. 

Took and Firenze in their little condo.

Took and Firenze have adjusted so well to condo living. So well that Firenze's little digestive problem has cleared up completely. Both mamas seem to be filling out very well and their pregnancies have been very healthy so far. Occasionally they will lay near the fence and the younger girls will lay close by on the other side but most often the mamas are laying near their little home.

Leezza basking in the sun.

We have had more cloudy, rainy, windy  days lately than sunny days. When a sunny day comes along you can find the girls lounging around in the pasture just enjoying life. On the rainier days they stay inside their homes looking outside longingly. The grass is finally starting to green up and the girls really prefer fresh grass over the hay.

Pressley will be over later today to work with the girls so I will do another post later this evening. When I have more pictures to post.

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