Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Showers

Yesterday was the most beautiful spring day. It was 70 degrees, sunny and only the smallest of breezes. Rich mowed the lawn and worked out in the yard. It looks so greenly lush and beautiful at this time of  year. The daffodils are in full bloom and it stayed warm enough, long enough for the weeping cherry tree to burst into full bloom this year. The alpaca girls enjoyed the day as much as we did. They lolled and grazed in the pasture, enjoying the sunny day.

Firenze and Took sunbathing!
Rich and I decided to take Leezza and Mango for a little walk around the yard and ended up snapping pictures in front of the beautifully flowering weeping cherry tree merely for posterity's sake.
Rich held the girls while I snapped the picture.
Mango and Leezza look sooo skinny since they lost their winter fleece. On the evening after their shearing, Rich went out to check them and lock up the barn for the evening and all four of the girls were shivering. They weren't used to the cold nights without their fleece so he stacked up some straw in their barns for them to snuggle down in for the evening. The next morning there was clear evidence that they had burrowed into the straw the night before.
Today, typical of April in Ohio, it rained steadily all day. It was one of those gentle spring rains and overcast days that makes the green of the grass and wheat fields, and the pastels of the spring flowers really pop. It is also a prime day for snapping pictures so I took Callie outside a short while ago to snap a picture of her by the tree.
The rest of the week it's supposed to be more normal for April. Seventy degrees and partly sunny with only a slight chance of rain. But then again, Wednesday is the first of May. It's finally spring.

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