Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Power of Sweet Feed

Last evening, Rich and I went out to the pasture together to feed the girls. Rich had decided that Firenze and Took could use a little sweet feed with their regular evening alfalfa pellets because both are gestating and Firenze looks a bit thin. (The lack of fleece makes this a lot easier to determine!) This time I remembered to take along the camera and it's a good thing. Those girls seem to know when we have sweet feed in the buckets and not just their regular meal because they always come running to greet us at the gate. They met Rich as he entered the gate and I stayed on the oher side of the divide with Leezza and Mango, the younger girls. I had the camera at the ready as they approached Rich. When he didn't immediately hold the buckets up for them to sample, Firenze gave him such a look!

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