Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weaning Mango

This morning, with the help of two brothers-in-law, we managed to corral Mango and hold her steady long enough to trim the longest of her toenails. She does not like to be held down and have her leg lifted. She jerked, kicked and bounced me around something terrible. She tried to kush her back end and leap her front end with Rich holding on for dear life; but we did it.

After a short rest (for the handlers and Mango) Rich and I went back out to the barn to do the dirty work of separating the younger girls from the older. Mango is still nursing a couple of times a day and we were afraid that she might be taking nutrition away from Took's growing baby. Mango seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and Took wasn't. We were prepared for screeching and whining on the part of Took and Mango. Didn't happen! Took seemed unconcerned that her baby was on the other side of the fence. At first Mango walked up and down the fence a few times but within 15 minutes or so, she was nibbling at the short grass in the pasture.

It's been a few hours now and all four of the girls are grazing on their own sides of the fence and don't even seem to be the least bit curious about what's going on across the pasture. We will keep observing until sundown when it's time for them to settle in for the night.

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