Sunday, February 17, 2013

Freezing Our Knees Off!

Rich reminded me this afternoon that when we signed the check to buy the girls  we also committed to care for them "for better or worse." I understood that, but what I'm having trouble with, is this halter training routine when it's 19 degrees fahrenheit with light winds outside. It's so much easier to imagine doing all of the assorted tasks that go along with caring for animals when it's a sunny 75 degree day in October! Our granddaughter, Olivia, is staying with us tonight so she bundled up and joined Rich and I in the pasture.

Olivia walks Mango

We haltered Mango and handed her over to Olivia to walk. Then we put the halter on Leezza and Rich took her. Leezza did much better today and followed Rich around the entire pasture without balking at all. This was Olivia's first time handling the alpacas and she is a natural. Mango sweetly followed Olivia as they did two laps around the pasture. Olivia is a real trooper for a city girl who is not used to dealing with animals who are as big as she is.

Rich and Leezza

Olivia and I made a batch of blueberry jam this afternoon out of berries that I had in the freezer from last summer. In June the two of us made two batches of strawberry jam, and one batch of raspberry all in the same day. We split those jars and she took half of them home.  I made a batch of blueberry later in the summer. All of it is almost gone! Admittedly we did not eat all of it. Some was given as gifts. Rich loves our homemade jam on his morning toast or waffles so I pulled out the berries that I froze for emergencies. This classifies as an emergency I guess. Now he should have enough to last until spring.
Olivia and Mango

The "Girls" of Buckeye Star Alpaca Farm
Rich fixed our Sunday dinner and it's in the oven now. We are all settling in for a cozy evening with our reading, knitting, texting, listening to Bieber songs and T.V. watching. Just guess which of us is engaged in which activity. I'm a very lucky woman.

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