Thursday, December 6, 2012


We had our first vet visit yesterday. It was a little sooner than we had planned because Firenze seemed to have developed intestinal problems. I could tell when I shoveled the pasture that one of the girls had a problem but it took two days and several sessions of watching them to catch her in the act if you will. We called the vet right away yesterday morning and he came out in the early afternoon. He took a sample to send for testing and we haven't heard back from him yet. He didn't seem to be overly worried. He checked out all of the girls while he was here and they all seem to be healthy. Firenze, as I suspected, is a little underweight so the vet prescribed a richer feed blend for her. We knew from her records that she has a history of difficulty keeping her weight up when she is pregnant so we have been watching her closely. She is a very healthy eater and always eager to have a sweet feed snack from the pan or from our hands. That's what made it so easy to put her harness on her and walk her around.

Tonight, after school, I went out to the pasture to spend some time with the girls. Of course, I took a  bag of sweet feed to try to tempt them. But today was such a beautiful, sunny, cold day that they were perfectly content to graze in the pasture while I talked to them. The real bonus though was that while I was leaning on the fence humming and talking to the girls our local bald eagle did a lazy, circling fly over the pasture and the barns. He caught a thermal and circled a couple of times before flying off into the woods. How lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful place!

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