Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ahh Sunshine!

This weekend warmed up a bit, 64 degrees. But the best part was the sunshine. Our alpaca girls thoroughly enjoyed basking in the rays.

They even let me approach to within a couple of feet and snap a few pictures. They sat serenely humming in the grass while I talked and hummed to them. I let them know that we were really sorry for our gaffe last weekend. (Remember the flying yellow flags?) I think they have forgiven us.

Rich built a catch pen in one corner of the pasture for use in future attempts to herd and harness them. For now the gate to the pen is fastened open and today he put a pan full of "sweet feed" inside to entice them. Our strategy is to get them used to the penning area as a pleasant place where they can find an occasional treat. Then the next time we want to try halter training we will close the gate and try a gentler approach. One can hope.

Rich also dug an electric line to the far end of the pasture for future connection to the "portable" three-sided shed that we will use later when it is necessary to separate the young ones from the mamas at delivery time. He has had a very productive weekend with his faithful sidekick, Callie, following him every step of the way. This evening they are all tuckered out. Rich is restfully rocking in the recliner while he channel surfs. (Another male activity that I will never really "get.") Callie is dutifully sleeping at his feet; or her version, which is actually sleeping with her head draped over his crossed feet!

  The sun is dipping into the western horizon and the Buckeye Star Alpaca Farm is settled in for the night.

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