Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Twilight In The Pasture

I went out to visit the girls in the pasture last evening, shortly after sundown. I stayed outside the pasture and stood close to where they were grazing. Of course they were curious and looked my way and then Mama Took and Leeza returned to grazing. Our little cria, Mango, is a bit of a rebel already and in spite of her mama's cautious humming, she walked over to me, stopping just a couple of feet away to look me over. I hummed. She hummed. Then she returned to mama's side and continued to graze. At this point Leeza, our yearling, decided that she wanted to play a bit and strolled over to Mango. She bumped gently into Mango's side and then turned sharply and pronked away a couple of times. Leeza stopped and turned to see if Mango would join her. She pronked a couple of more times and then finally gave up and returned to grazing.  For those of you who have never seen pronking (hopping forward and upward with all four feet off the ground at once) it is a fascinating sight to see a couple of young crias at play, running and pronking through the pasture.

Our Lab, Callie, is becoming more comfortable with the girls. She still needs watching though or she will run madly around the pasture from one side of the pasture to the other. The alpaca girls are curious about Callie but don't really appreciate her frantic running around. They don't mind her when Rich and I make her stand beside us and stay. Then they will come closer to investigate. We are confident that eventually they will all learn to live in harmony...or at least tolerate each other.

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