Monday, October 22, 2012

Better Than Yoga

A long time ago I discovered that when I get home from school and I am all stressed out it helps me to brew a cup of tea and just sit for a few minutes enjoying the quiet. Lately I have changed that routine a bit and I take that cup of tea out to a seat beside the pasture and just talk to the "girls" as I sip. They look up with their usual curiosity and hum at me as I take my seat and settle in. I just talk quietly to them, telling them about my day and asking about theirs. As I talk and hum at them they casually mosey over towards me getting a bit closer every day. Gradually I begin to feel myself calm down and the stress leaves my neck and shoulders. My breathing quiets and deepens. Eventually, I stop talking and just listen to the gentle humming of Took, Mango and Leeza. It seems that they are slowly getting used to me and their new home. Tonight Took nervously screeched three or four times when the dog came out and then settled in to her grazing. Callie dog even ignored them in favor of sniffing for critters in the recently harvested cornfield. We are making progress toward the harmony I had hoped for when we adopted alpacas. Ahhh! Peace.

Baby Mango is the most daring. She comes nearer than the other two.

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