Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Fall Weekend Away

We just returned from our annual family reunion weekend at Lake Hope in the Hocking Hills. We had a wonderful time with the siblings, kids, grandkids and in-laws. The autumnal color was at its height and though it did rain off and on we had mostly clear weather. Saturday night Rich cooked his famous pork roast over the open fire and it was a hit as usual. This year he added colonial corn spoon cooked in an iron kettle over the open fire. It was crusty golden brown on the outside and creamy and pudding-y on the inside. That dish was a hit and will appear on next year's menu. There was about 10 minutes of rain at the beginning of our dinner and a few "chickens" rushed inside one of the cabins. Those of us who stayed outside were treated to the sight of a beautiful, neon, double rainbow.  Saturday night was also the annual trick-or-treating and pumkin carving contest for the kids and the rain stopped long enough for that. Even the teens and pre-teens participated this year. Their outfits were probably the most creative and colorful. "Katy Perry" even put in an appearance!

Callie was really glad to see us. She always is and it makes Rich and I feel very appreciated even though we know she just wants to come back inside to her cushy bed and breakfast! We do spoil her.
Once I unpacked and started the laundry I went out to the pasture to visit the girls and give Callie another lesson in proper alpaca etiquette. She is getting much better at sitting patiently beside me while I stand at the fence and talk to the other "girls." The fact that I have a pocket full of her favorite treats helps! Took, Mango and Leeza stay at a distance and keep their backs turned to me when Callie is beside me. It is going to take some time and patience on my part to get the animals accustomed to each other. I don't fool myself that they will ever be friends!

We left the aplaca and dog girls in the care of my wonderful, patient, brother-in-law, Danny, who lives down the road. He's an animal lover and has always cared for our dogs when we are away. We returned to find happy healthy animals as we always do when Dan is in charge. We are very fortunate to have relatives like Danny.

The Alpaca girls ignoring Callie and I.
Mango, Leeza and Took. Still awaiting the arrival of Magic's Black Firenze.

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