Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just Another Beautiful Fall Day!

Nothing much happening out here on the farm today. The sky was clear and sunny; the air crisp and clean. When I went out to feed the animals early this morning before I left for a day of shopping with my girlfriends, our brown Leezza was foaming slightly from the mouth just like Mango did the week before she gave birth to Mocha. I don't know if it means anything. We still aren't positive that Leezza is pregnant. If she is then she will be due sometime between October 5th and Halloween! She kushed every time for her male friend last year, so who knows? We are keeping our fingers crossed.

They are harvesting corn in the big field down the road about a mile. The big trucks full of  golden yellow kernels of corn keep speeding down the road to deposit their treasure, only to rattle, empty, back the other way for another load.

The animals are happily grazing in the field, enjoying the cooler air. I snapped a few pictures just for our new friend, Max. Brutus was his favorite, so here he is with his bff, Asterius.

Rich and I missed an opportunity to weigh these two little boys the other day. We should have used Max, a strong young guy, to help lift them onto the scales to weigh them. Asterius is getting a little heavy for Rich and still won't stand on the scale himself! We need to schedule an intense training session for these two.

Brutus would like to break out of jail!

Don't forget to mark your social calendar for National Alpaca Farm Days this Saturday, September 27th. Come on out anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m to see our new little addition, Mocha, who is growing steadily. He is already eating bits of grass and hay, quite unusual for only a week and a half old. Mocha is so frisky and loves to tear around the pasture at top speed. We look forward to hosting you this weekend!

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