Thursday, June 5, 2014

The First Berries of the Season!

Callie and I took a short stroll out to the strawberry patch a few minutes ago, just to check out the situation.

Last week when we checked out the patch it was filled with thousands (hundreds?) of little green, rock hard, nuggets that seemed a long time away from becoming juicy ripe berries. After several days of sunshine and one or two of rain, like magic, this afternoon there was some red showing through the foliage.

The first few plants that I shoved aside revealed only half ripe berries. Hopeful but a little disappointing. I methodically worked my way through the patch from north to south, parting the leaves only to find more green nuggets and a few red and green bi-colored berries. My efforts were rewarded however, when I finally reached the few straggler plants at the south end of the patch. Bingo! Five big, shiny, red, juicy berries. Of course I had to snap a picture as proof because they weren't going to be around for long. I also texted a picture to Rich who is in a meeting today, because, like I said...proof. I may save him one or two but a strawberry lover like me can't  resist the first berries of the season.

As a city girl transplanted into the country I never cease to be amazed at the magic combination of a few seeds, some soil, rain and sunlight. It seems that the faeries must have something to do with turning these simple elements overnight into such perfect juicy treats. Strawberries have been my favorite things from my earliest memory.  My wonderful Greek, Grandpa Jimmy took me into the strawberry patch almost as soon as I could walk and let me pick and eat them straight from the garden.

Yep, that's me in the over-sized sunbonnet, eating strawberries with my papaw. And ever since that time, my favorite food has been strawberries and my favorite color has been red.

The only bitter sweet thing about the first crop of berries this year is that my beautiful granddaughter, Olivia, who usually makes strawberry jam with me, is in Germany having a big adventure. If you remember one of my posts from last June, you'll remember this picture of our "jam session." So, Olivia, if you read this, I will be freezing some of the berries so that we can make jam when you return.

And if there's any doubt in your mine that magical creatures like faeries and leprechauns had something to do with my five, lovely, ripe berries today, take a look at the beautiful rainbow that was in the sky over the garden last night!

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