Monday, June 9, 2014

Alpaca Kisses!

Last evening, just as Rich and I had settled in for the day, I heard tires crunching on the driveway. Rich got up to check it out and lo and behold, it was my friend, Nancy! She and her husband, Wade, had picked up their granddaughter, Haley, south of here and were headed up to their place at Lake Erie. She figured since they were passing so close to our house they would drop by to show Haley the alpacas. It was such a nice surprise!

Hayley is a lovely young lady who is even more beautiful in person than in her pictures which Nancy shares with our monthly gathering of girlfriends (WINOS: women in need of spirits). She had never seen alpacas up close and personal so last night she got the chance. I led her into the pasture and Rich got a scoop full of sweet feed for her to lure the animals closer; always a successful ploy. As Hayley held out a handful of sweetfeed the two little boys, Asterius and Brutus, were the first in line to nibble the sweet treat out of her hand.



The others weren't far behind.

Mango approaches and Nikko looks on from his pasture

They spent a happy half hour before they had to hit the road up to the lake and right before they left Hayley got a good bye kiss from always curious, Asterius.

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