Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Another Boy!

First, let me say that this time I picked the little guy up, turned him almost upside down, (What an introduction to the world, right?) and very carefully examined him. I pulled the remains of the umbilicus out of the way and rubbed my hand gently, but firmly, along his underbelly.  Sure enough, there is a "little" something there. I also checked under his tail. Nothing yet, but clearly not a female.

After class this morning, I ran a few errands and then cruised home through the countryside. It's a beautiful day and I wasn't in any hurry. Other than being as big as a small house, Firenze hadn't shown any sign of labor when I left home  at 8:45. Her due date isn't until September 20, so I wasn't too concerned with being gone from home for a few hours. Upon my arrival at home I saw that the girls and boys were all grazing peacefully in the pasture, enjoying the breezy, sunny day. I took my groceries and books inside and put things away. I checked a few items relating to class and fired off a few e-mails and put some items in the washer.When I am working around the house like this I constantly look out of the back windows to watch the girls in the pasture. I didn't notice anything unusual. About an hour after I got home I took an old canvas briefcase out of the washer and out to the deck to lay it in the sun to dry and this is the sight that met my eyes:

A noticeably thinner Firenze was peacefully grazing beside what looked like a wet, brown rag. "OMG! You did it yourself!" were my first words. I grabbed the camera, my cell phone and a towel and dashed to the pasture where I snapped the little boy's first baby pictures. Very shortly after I pulled the gunk off of him and wiped him dry with a towel he struggled to his feet and took his first steps. Wobbly and adorable.

I took a minute to text a picture to Rich, who is at work, and other interested parties, then I picked up the little one and carried him to the nursery pasture. Firenze followed so closely behind me that she stepped on my flip-flop and pulled it off! The entire herd trailed along behind. Those animals are so curious when a new member arrives. I got mama and baby boy corralled in the nursery pasture, weighed the baby (16 pounds), put out fresh hay, fresh water and a generous scoop of sweet feed as a treat for Firenze. As I watched and snapped pictures, the little guy, who could still barely stand up beyond a couple of minutes, started sniffing around underneath his mama. With a little bit of help from me (I redirected his head when he kept sniffing alternately at her chest and behind) he soon began nursing heartily while Firenze stood patiently until he was done.

When I left the pasture the little guy was napping while mama stood attentively beside him grazing. 

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