Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Know You're a Country Girl When...

I still don't garden and I hate getting my hands dirty, but increasingly it is becoming clear to me that I am a country girl. It's times like last evening after dinner I found myself driving the tractor...ok, ok it was the riding lawnmower...slowly across the grass while Rich walked behind operating the sprayer. We were preparing the new pasture for the "girls" by eradicating the weeds that would be harmful for alpacas. I cruised along at approximately two miles per hour while Rich was shouting at me over the drone of the engine to "stop" then "go" as he tried to spray right and left while simultaneously trying to keep up with me. It's no wonder I got a bit bored and started snapping pictures as I drove.

I tried emulating my granddaughter, Olivia, by taking a "selfie" with the camera but a shadow was the best I could achieve. Teenagers look so much better than grandmas in those distorted self portraits! Rich was getting a bit impatient with me as my path deviated off the straight and narrow while I snapped pictures of me (see above) and him and the surrounding scenery.

When he first noticed what I was doing I got such a "look" from him. Fortunately he is used to my quirky ways so he just shook his head and kept spraying! He has a well developed sense of humor and loves me very much. That's a good thing.

Rich is also very patriotic. He puts the red-white-and blue up on Memorial Day and it stays up until Labor Day weekend, so we look very festive all summer long. I like it because we do a lot of outdoor entertaining during the summer and I don't have to decorate! The little red alpaca barn is visible on the right. The girls kindly allow me to have the larger front section for my weaving studio.

The fence posts are set, the new portable shelter is in place and the grass has been conditioned. All that remains is for the fencing to be stretched into place and the pasture will be ready for the herd rotation. Our alpaca girls really appreciate a fresh new growth pasture and have been looking longingly across the fence. They provide us with endless amusement  as they frolic and graze in the lush grass.

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