Thursday, January 24, 2013

Firenze's New Coat

It's been a while, hasn't it? I had foot surgery last Friday and have not been able to go out to the barn or pasture to visit with the 'paca girls. I have had to be content to view them from the back door or one of the back windows. Not exactly the same as hand feeding them and listening to their calming hum. If the temperature had not dropped from the 40s when I last ventured outside to the current high today of 18 degrees I might be tempted to bundle up and hobble outside on crutches. But last night about 1/2 inch of dry snow fell and Rich has forbidden me to go out.

Two nights ago, when the winds were gusting at 40 mph, Rich locked the herd up inside the barn for the night. Our black beauty, Firenze, does not like to be locked inside and is constantly checking the window in the barn door and making distressing, whiny, little noises. She clearly likes to be free even in the worst weather. Last night she got wise to Rich's strategy of closing the door as they were busily feeding  and she refused to come inside until he had left the pasture. Smart. So he left the door open a crack all night. In the morning he usually finds them all sleeping close to the door in the "barn yard." I guess they are smart enough to know when to come inside.

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a coat for Firenze since she is older and her fleece doesn't get as full as the younger girls. When the weather forecast predicted high winds and low temperatures Rich got his brother, Danny, to help him put the coat on Firenze. Another thing she barely tolerates, but it reassures us that she has an extra measure of protection against the elements. The coat is a bright red and stands out against her true black fleece. If she only realized how attractive she looks I am sure that she would strut her stuff like a model on the catwalk!

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